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 Appliance Information
Type of Split System Unit:: 
Size of Unit (HP or Kw Rating): 
Make & Model of Unit: 
 About Your Home
Is there access under the floor of house via a manhole entry :
Is there access within the roofspace of house via a manhole: 
Building Construction Type: 
Approximate Age of Home: 
Approximate Size of Home (Sq's): 
Type of Roof: 
How many levels is Home: 
 Appliance Location Information
What Type of Room is Unit to be Located in: 
Approximate Size of room (Sq's): 
Orientation of Windows located within Room: 
Position of Room within House: 
Height of Ceiling within Room: 
 Installation Details of Appliance
Is the Internal Unit to be mounted on an external wall: 
(If indoor unit is mounted on an internal wall a condensation pump may be required)  
What is the approximate distance between internal and external unit: 
Can the outside Unit be installed on the ground: 
(Wall brackets may be required)  
 Electrical Connections
What is the Approximate distance from the switchboard/fusebox to the outdoor unit: 
Is the electrical supply to the house adequate: 
(An example would be if some lights dim or flicker when some appliances are used)   

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